ENTRY 0006, NOVEMBER 20, 2003

Well, we now are under the control of the "Governor" and it looks like his conservative handlers will be getting their way.  We are in for a bumpy ride for the next few years.  And Bush's people are thrilled to have somebody positioned who might have an influence on the presidential election next year...

On a lighter note, in our ongoing quest to make our home distinctly our own, we got a friend for Squeak.  (See entry 0003)   We have named the new skeleton "Barbie" for no good reason.  We think that Squeak and Barbie make quite a fetching couple.

Two skeletons

Skeletons... A lovely addition to any home.

Lessee, any new stuff to comment on? 

-I turned 41.

-Bush is still crazy.

-Lots of people are protesting his presence in England.

-These protesters are trying to screw up his photo ops.  They are using cell phones with cameras and instant messaging to keep tabs on his travels.  They are logging in:here to notify others.

-Governor Arnold still can't pronounce the name of the state he governs.

-Michael Jackson has been arrested on child molestation charges.  Seems he's taking a more drastic version of the PeeWee Herman path of notariety-after-the-career-peak. (Who would let their kids spend the night with him, unsupervised, after all that trouble in 1993???)

-Thousands of turkeys are giving up their lives for our feasting next week.  Interesting note: Our selective breeding of turkeys for tender,  juicy breast meat (the preferred part of the turkey) has caused them, over the years, to develop overly large breasts.  This renders the Domestic Turkey physically incapable of mating.  All industrial-farm-raised turkeys are artificially inseminated.  Peta is again complaining about conditions on such farms. (I do agree, I must say.  I still eat meat, but I buy from local, free-range farms whenever possible.)

-Billions of cranberries are being processed into the distinctive reddish gel that has those little ridges on it.  Nobody ever complains about the treatment of cranberries. 

-We won't even go into the treatment of sweet potatoes or marshmallows...

-Once again, all this preparation is to commemorate the fact that a bunch of settlers who were woefully unprepared for the realities of life in North America failed to die.  They were only saved from annihilation by the fact that the local natives were nice people.  They repaid this hospitality by later enslaving and killing most of them... (if not these settlers in particular, than others of their ilk.)

-Do they ever show "Mouse on the Mayflower" any more?  That was one of the Grand Holiday Traditions, right up there with "Rudolph" and "Frosty the Snowman"

Well, I gotta run.

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