ENTRY 0012, April 23, 2004

Hello again!

    For those of you who regularly follow my blog, The kitchen/dining room floor is about 3/4/ done. For those of you who do not regularly follow my blog, I have pulled up the sticky-back press-on-type floor tiles in the kitchen and dining rooms and am replacing them with real tile.  Actual tiles that are cemented in place and grouted.  Tough work, but well worth the effort.  It will be beautiful, once it's done.  But for now the floor is partially covered with tiles and the refrigerator is sitting in the living room, along with our dining booth.  This renders three rooms basically uninhabitable.  It will remain so for about a week.

    For those of you who look at dates on blogs and think to yourselves "Geez, Walt, you talked about this in your last blog, and that was two weeks ago.  What the hell is taking so long????", two things.  First, I am an Owen Male. The Owen Male is a unique subheading of the Standard Male.  The Owen Male often has many projects going at once.  Some of these projects may have been "going" for years. Basically, Owen Males are well known for starting projects, then taking forever to actually getting around to finishing them, if ever.  So, being 3/4 done at this point is right on schedule.  If I were to follow Typical Owen Male Form, I would leave it like this for six months to a year (possibly longer), then eventually get back to finishing the job some time in the distant future.  No, not me, not now. I will have this job done within a  couple of weeks, depending on drying time, or strike me dead (which Sheila will do, if I don't...)
     Second, we went to Colorado for a few days.  We went around my old stomping grounds, visited Royal Gorge and Garden of the Gods.  It was a nice break.  Of course, I could not get the tilework done while 800 miles away.  So, I have an excuse.  I have added a few pictures to whet your appetite.  The remainder will be on our travel page shortly.

The Royal Gorge Bridge

garden of the Gods

A deer!

    Back to this whole Owen Male thing. I am still an Owen Male in many, many ways.  First, we pulled up the carpet in the front room about 5 years ago.  After an intensive week of  sanding, bleaching, staining, sealing and waxing, the underlying hardwood floor was absolutely beautiful.  All that was needed was a paint job on the walls and replacement of the baseboards, and the room would be done.  I got the painting done about a year ago, and I finally replaced the baseboards about a month ago.  I got it done, just not in a really timely manner.  That is the Owen Male Way.  I'm working on improving it, but it would be impossible without Sheila.  She is the one who kicks me in the complacency.  That's why the tile is actually going to be done less than a month from start date.

On to another subject.  Protein.  Body fluids often contain them. For example, a human male will produce about a tablespoon of semen with each ejaculation.  It contains a large amount of protein.  In addition, the human body contains about a gallon of blood. Blood also contains a fairly large amount of protein.  I bring this up for a simple reason.  President Clinton was impeached for lying about spilling around a tablespoon of protein-laden body fluid.  Now, we are not even considering impeaching Bush, and he lied about WMD's and spilled 700+ GALLONS of protein-laden body fluids.

Clinton - 1 tablespoon, nobody hurt.  Not even a little bit.

Bush - 700 gallons, 700 soldiers killed.  (this is doesn't include the 9000 or so Iraqi civilians accounted for at:www.iraqbodycount.net )

It just doesn't make sense.  Oh, wait, yes it does. In our current climate of sexual repression, any amount of violence is acceptable, while no amount of sexuality is...  So, it's okay to kill 10,000 people, but not okay to get a blowjob.  Hell, it's not okay to see Janet Jackson's breast, complete with steel pastie, on national TV...

God we are so fucking backwards!

Anyway, what's new?

-Bush is still a lying moron, and his people are covering for him, big time.

-Even more information is coming out that seems to indicate that Bush really didn't care about Al Qaeda too much.  Not until September 11th, anyway.

-We have lost a WHOLE BUNCH of soldiers in Iraq this month.  This is the heaviest montly loss since Bush played pilot and strutted around an aircraft carrier declaring the war over. Apparently, there are some people that still hate us over there, despite what the president might wish.

-A person was fired for taking pictures of the coffins coming into Dover AFB.  Of course the adminstration does not want to show this.  For the average American, hearing twenty soldiers were killed is a lot easier to take than seeing twenty flag-draped coffins...  It's so much easier for the administration to get away with stuff if they don't have bothersome images floating around...

flag-draped coffins   More flag-draped coffins  More coffins

-We still have two working rovers on Mars.  That is still Too Cool For Words.

-Republicans are questioning John Kerry's war record, wondering if he actually earned the medals he received.  Let me get this straight. The guys who support Bush are questioning Kerry's war record.  Questioning Kerry's war record.  Kerry's WAR record.  That means a record earned by fighting in a WAR.  They support Bush, who DID NOT GO TO WAR, who GOT HIS DAD TO GET HIM INTO THE NATIONAL GUARD TO AVOID SERVICE IN A WAR, who WENT AWOL FOR A FULL YEAR FROM THIS CUSHY GIG, who CAN'T GIVE US ONE SHRED OF PROOF TO BACK UP HIS ASSERTION THAT HE ACTUALLY SERVED DURING THE YEAR IN QUESTION, these people have the audacity to wonder if one of Kerry's THREE PURPLE HEARTS was not actually a wound that deserved a purple heart or not.  Did Bush earn even one purple heart?  Did Bush even put himself in harm's way?  Did Bush even serve his obligation to the United States?  And these people feel they can question Kerry.  I will let them question Kerry right after they ask Bush the following questions while he's under oath. "Mr. Bush, when was the last time you took cocaine, in any form?", "Mr. Bush, What is the name of the girl you got pregnant and then got her an abortion in 1972, in Texas, where it was illegal?"  and  my personal favorite "Mr. Bush, why did you let Osama Bin Laden's family leave this country on September 12th, 2001, without interrogating them to discover what information they might have been able to provide?"

-The FCC has suddenly become even more puritanical.    Pink Floyd has a song called "money".  There is a line that goes as follows:
"Money, it's a hit,
Don't give me that goody good bullshit."
This song has played on the radio, unedited since the 1970's.  yesterday, for the first time, the "Shit" was blanked out.  We are going too far.
How long before they try to censor this webpage because it has naughty words?

Big brother is watching  Oh, man!

Official Warning from the US government

My students are working on posters.  The 8th graders are writing about a planet, the 7th graders are writing about a geologic time period.  They are doing quite well.

Well, I gotta run.

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