Random Stamps

Ack!          Black and white
             Bill the Cat                                         Black and White symbol

Calvin       calvin       calvin
Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes

Hobbes by himself

both of 'em
Best friends

curcuit       Starfleet building
Circuit of some sort                          Starfleet building          

my heyrube
My heyrube (Thanks Penn and Teller!)

The Hindenburg in a stamp

Sign of the empire        in honor of Magrite
            The Empire!                      An Homage to Magrite

electric motor       The Normadie
An electric motor                          The Normandie, a great oceanliner

an O       another O
Two stylized letter O's

and an S
And an S

an old salt
A sailor

Tigger    Another tigger
Some sort of cat-thing (he seems to be popular)

Totem symbol
A pacific northwest Totem

Voyage dans la lune
an homage to "Voyage dans la Lune"

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