Spring has arrived, and my garden is going nuts! It has taken years for all the plants to establish themselves, but the results are pleasing. Come, take a walk in my garden.

I actually forgot the name of this little marvel. It is a ground creeper, and the flower is less than 1 cm across. (A reader told me it is called "Vinca".)

This rose is called an "Ingrid Bergman". It was a gift from the science department when my father-in-law died. Some of his ashes are mixed in the soil at its base. He would like that, if he knew.

A rose called "Penelope". Amazingly delicate and transient.

A fucsia. This one is called "Dollar Princess" We first saw it when we went to England to see the eclipse in 1999.

The second fucsia. I don't recall the name of this one...

...or this one.

Black-eyed Susans.

Apple Blossoms.

Icelandic Poppy. (not opium, damn it!)


Oh god, how did this get here? I'm not good with computers.

Actually, this is Tepes. She rides the little bus to school. She also has a cataract, and is the bane of our garden. Whenever we plant a new plant, she thinks we must have buried something she would be interested in, like an old bone or tennis ball, and therefore digs up the plant to find our buried treasure.

Alstromaria, Sheila's favorite flower. She carried it as her wedding bouquet.

A geranium. These flowers are about 6mm tall.

Another Alstromaria.

For some reason, this rose is called "Shocking Blue"

Another small flower. These are about 1cm tall.

Strawberries are just getting started...

Even Dandelions can be pretty.

African Daisy

We will have tomatoes in the near future!

Clover, another unintentional, yet pretty, addition to our yard.

"Dwarf" Japanese Lantern. This thing is now over 15 feet tall.

"Golden Celebration" A rose that falls apart the moment you touch it, and provides a truly grand feast for aphids. Nice to look at, though.

Another variety of Geranium. This one smells like chocolate.

Yet another Geranium. This one gives out lots of Citronella. It keeps mosquitoes away, so we sit it near us when we are out at night.

"Sheila's Perfume" This has the most amazingly strong rose scent.

I forget the name of these fuckers, but my Sheila really likes them. Oh, she says they are cyclamen.

Impatiens. Many, many colors, very cheerful.

And the end result...

Thanks for taking a tour of our garden.  There are more flowers cropping up.  We will keep this updated, as needed.

Last updated 04/30/05