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People of the Titanic story

Ismay                               Jack Phillips
J. Bruce Ismay, general manager of White Star        Jack Phillips, lead Marconi operator

Harold Bride                                 arthur Rostron
         Harold Bride, radio operator                   Arthur Rostron, captain of Carpathia

E.J. Smith
Captain E.J. Smith

Other People

Uncle Gregor          Charles Riley
        Gregor Mendel, father of Genetics                     Charles Valentine Riley, father of Entomology

woody guthrie                         Jim Morrison
Woody Guthrie, father of folk music                Jim Morrison, father of Drugs-N-Roll

Winston Churchill                       J.R. "Bob" Dobbs
Winston Churchill, father of modern politics and satire         J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, father of the Subgenius movement

Charles Darwin
Charles Darwin, Father of Evolution and Natural Selection

mark Twain
Mark Twain, Father of Satire and political observation

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